Money 金钱

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Money 金钱

  君子爱财,取之有道,你对于金钱又是怎样的态度呢,下面就为大家分享几篇英语作文Money 金钱,希望对大家的写作有所帮助

Money 金钱

  Many people regard money as the most important thing in their life, but I don t agree with them. There are so many things that money can t buy. The first, money can t buy us knowledge, abilities and experience. The second, money can t buy us a happy mood and a good health.


  However, money plays a significant role in our daily life. We can t live without it, because we have to use money to buy our daily necessities, like food, drinks, clothes, books, and so on. And we also need money to pay for our houses and education.


  All in all, we should have a correct concept of money. We can t live for money, but take it as a tool leading a better life.


Money 金钱

  As we know, most of the things in our life have to be bought with money. But money is not the only in the world. Money cannot buy many things such as time and true love.

  There are 24 hours in a day. When we are happy, we hope the time would longer. But no matter what we do, or how much money we spend. We cannot make a day last 25 hours.Another thing money cannot buy is true love. Money can buy us large house, beautiful clothes, but can’t buy time and love.




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